Patco Inc sells aqua heat, aqua lites, aqua lights, aqua guns, wetsuit heaters, drysuit heaters, underwater lights, HID lights, spearguns, spearfishing accessories and scuba diving equipment.


The PATCO super light, line reel will satisfy even the most demanding hunter.  The reel is constructed from high quality anodized aluminum and stainless steel.  It can be used for either left or right hand operation.  The reel features a rotating precision line guide and a state of the art line tensioning system.  The reel is available in a 4" or 5" model.

Because of its unique construction, the reel can be quickly attached to any PATCO speargun without any additional clips, snaps, or hardware.

The reel is designed to relieve the initial excessive pull of a larger fish when speared. The hunter can set the desired drag and work the fish the same way as when fishing. The reel will hold 150 ft. of spectra line.



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PATCO is a manufacturer of AQUA HEAT, AQUA LITE(also know as Aqua Light) and AQUA GUNS. In simple terms, we make wetsuit and drysuit heaters, underwater lights, 10 watt hid light heads, spearguns and spearfishing accessories. Patco’s scuba diving equipment is high quality, technologically advanced, state of the art, fully guaranteed, and are geared to safety, enjoyment, comfort, and maximum value.