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PATCO Inc. is a manufacturer of the highest quality spear guns available. If you want the best, this is it. We have carefully examined other spear guns, which are available and found many design flaws on every one of them. We saw new warped wooden guns, which have yet to see the water. PATCO uses only highest quality stainless steel, which will last lifetime.

Many spear guns feature a sliding ring, which tethers the shaft. When the gun is fired the catch at the end of the shaft strikes the sliding ring, which sounds to the fish like someone set off a firecracker. The sound which travels 4 times faster in the water than in the air, gets to the fish much faster then the shaft thus warning the fish. The fish moves and the hunter misses or makes a bad shot. 

All PATCO spear guns feature a stealth design. They are absolutely silent and very accurate. This is very important when shooting for longer distances. The bigger fish are smarter and will keep their distance from the hunter. Most of the spear guns feature slings with the metal wishbones. They’re noisy and prone to metal fatigue, which is impossible to detect. They always break at the worst time. 

All PATCO slings feature spectra line, which is absolutely silent and will outlast any sling. If the line is damaged, the damage can be easily seen and the sling replaced before it breaks. Other features include a quick top loading of the shaft, which is retained by a spring-loaded mechanism. An extremely comfortable handgrip will not slip out of the hand. It houses a trigger system that will support force of up to nine bands. PATCO spear guns are supplied with 3 bands for an easy penetration. They will outperform any pneumatic and single or double band guns.

Many hunters believe and argue that pneumatic guns are as powerful as band guns. Far from it! It is all about laws of physics. You can only get out of the gun the amount of energy, that you put into it. The pneumatic gun is loaded with a single stroke. It is an uneasy and awkward motion, which can’t fully utilize hunter’s strength. The stronger the hunter the more power he can get out of his gun. Let’s compare the band guns. The gun with three bands will have total power of let’s say 330 Lb. Each band will need 110Lb. of pull to load. Do you think that you could load all three bands at the same time? You can load only one band at the time thus spreading the total loading force. The pneumatic gun must be loaded with a single push and therefore has much lower power.






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PATCO is a manufacturer of AQUA HEAT, AQUA LITE(also know as Aqua Light) and AQUA GUNS. In simple terms, we make wetsuit and drysuit heaters, underwater lights, 10 watt hid light heads, spearguns and spearfishing accessories. Patco’s scuba diving equipment is high quality, technologically advanced, state of the art, fully guaranteed, and are geared to safety, enjoyment, comfort, and maximum value.