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(RATED DEPTH: 500 Ft.) 
When diving beyond sport limits, a canister, serving as a pressure vessel must be used to protect the battery pack. The canister and the technical data are described under the "AQUA LITE" section. The canister battery has the same size and capacity as a standard battery; however, it is not equipped with the braided cable and the O-Ring connector.
Patco Inc sells aqua heat, aqua lites, aqua lights, aqua guns, wetsuit heaters, drysuit heaters, underwater lights, HID lights, spearguns, spearfishing accessories and scuba diving equipment.
Ice Diving, MD, 1/1/01
Wet suit,
Bottom time: 1 hr.

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PATCO is a manufacturer of AQUA HEAT, AQUA LITE(also know as Aqua Light) and AQUA GUNS. In simple terms, we make wetsuit and drysuit heaters, underwater lights, 10 watt hid light heads, spearguns and spearfishing accessories. Patco’s scuba diving equipment is high quality, technologically advanced, state of the art, fully guaranteed, and are geared to safety, enjoyment, comfort, and maximum value.