Shown with optional SR-71 Quick Mount.

This system will provide supplemental heat for divers who is looking for a small and compact design, with low maintenance and cost. This system is similar to Aqua Heat Wet except for a magnetic switch and bulkhead connector which is easily installed through the suit. The switch is equipped with underwater pluggable connector. This will enable the diver to leave the battery pack on the deco-line or switch the battery pack to another pack when needed. The switch also features LED indicator so the   diver can view if the switch is ON or OFF.  The heaters, which can be used wet or dry are available in 25, 35, and 50 watts.

(Please note that all dry suit heaters are supplied with fleece pouches!)

System includes:   

1.) 12 Volt, 14 Ahr. Lead-acid battery pack      

2.) Bulkhead connector (easily installed through the suit)

3.) ON/OFF magnetic switch with underwater pluggable connector and LED indicator.

4.) 12"x 8", .08" thick heating element with fleece pouch (The pouch is attached to the  dry undergarments)   

5.) Standard charger.   

6.) Tank mounting straps. (Optional SR-71 quick mount is also available).

Heating Time: (12 Volt Lead-acid Battery)
25W–5 Hr.  
50W–2.5 Hr. 

Lead-Acid Battery Weight: 9.5 lb.          (5 lb. NEGATIVE )

Batteries are non-spillable sealed rechargeable lead-acid type. Their construction, case material and self regulating valves makes them suitable for diving without enclosures to 160 ft. NiMH Battery packs are also available with any system.

Cable: 3.5 Ft.


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